Titans see Derrick Henry, Dion Lewis as 1A and 1B in backfield

The Titans brought in a new offensive coaching staff this season and there’s been a lot of speculation about what the change to offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur and company will mean for quarterback Marcus Mariota‘s development.

I eat like 10 meals a day now, and like seven different shakes throughout the day, Spence said, via quotes distributed by the team. . . . I’m feeling a lot better.

Spence also has a weight off his shoulder. Literally.

James could be packing up and leaving his native northeast Ohio once again. He has taken Cleveland to the NBA Finals now five times, and this now looks certain to be his fourth loss in those. He was 2-2 in four trips to the NBA Finals with Miami.

A bounce here, a couple stops there, the Cavs could be leading in these finals and the conversation would be different.

Instead, Cleveland is only left to wonder if James is a game from leaving. But he’s not going anywhere, even mentally, until this series is over.

For me, tonight will be tough, James said. Tomorrow I’ll replay some plays and some moments, things of that nature. I’ll wake up Friday morning, I’ll be locked in on the game plan and what needs to be done to help our team win. That’s who I am.

Roh was signed out of Boise State in May. He had 117 catches for 1,288 yards and 12 touchdowns in college.

While the team also expects him back in 2018, they’re going Cheap Gaelic Jerseys to take a hard Cheap Epl Jerseys look at the upcoming quarterbacks in college:

Luck is participating in the team’s first preseason practices, but there don’t seem to be any plans to have him throw anytime soon.

A week after new Colts coach Frank Reich told reporters Luck was getting real close” to being ready to throw a football again, it finally happened at one of the team’s last OTAs of the year.

The moment was downplayed by the Colts who tweeted the video with the caption Another step closer.” The ball was a lighter, smaller football, although Luck told reporters after that he has thrown an NFL ball in recent weeks.

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