Jets, Bills feature youth in season opener

Buffalo hosts the New York Jets on Sunday in what could be one of the few 2017 games in which the Bills will be favored.

“He’s played at Notre Dame. He’s played in big games, but when he takes that first snap Sunday, it’s going to be a wakeup call, but I think he’s going to be ready for it. It’s going to be a moment like, ‘I’m in the NFL. I’m playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers.’ But all the work he’s put in, all the prep he’s done, I think he’s ready for it.”

Savage, 27, has just two starts under his belt, both coming last season when starter Brock Osweiler proved too ineffective to maintain the charade of his reliability and trust. Savage has played in five career games and attempted only 92 passes, and for a franchise seeking a third consecutive AFC South title, hitching its wagon to Savage qualifies as an interesting decision.

The Lions reshuffled their line during the offseason to provide better protection for Stafford and open more holes in the running game. They signed right tackle Rick Wagner and right guard T.J. Lang during free agency, then traded with the Los Angeles Rams for left tackle Greg Robinson when Taylor Decker suffered a shoulder injury during minicamp.

The high-flying acrobatics and physicality of the WWE require wrestlers to bring Wholesale Jerseys Cheap a blend of size, athleticism and charisma. Roman Reigns has unequivocally captured that.

But that mix of skills and personality isn’t easy to find. For decades, parsing Cheap Hockey Jerseys Canada through football players with careers that ended prematurely has been a good place to start the search.

‘Do Your Job Part 2’ is worth your time, even if you hate the Patriots

There is more than one reason that Do Your Job Part 2, a film about the New England Patriots’ run to Super Bowl LI, exists. Yes, first and foremost, it is chum to feed to a ravenous Patriots fan base, that will, en masse, record this and set to “keep until delete” on their DVRs. (A film like this is basically fetish pornography to someone from Saugus, Mass. or Rye, N.H.)

But even if you aren’t a Patriots fan, there is something to gain from watching a film like this. There are lessons to be gleaned here: lessons about myth-making and the rewriting of history, as well as ones about team management and image management, and, yes, about the fine art of spewing bullshit.

It is all there.

As far as we know, no one actually calls these players any of the following names. That’s not going to stop us from recommending a few that would give these baseball players a run for their money.

Henne’s about to get some serious burn in Jacksonville. His name sounds like the abbreviated version of the beautiful cognac that is Hennessy. Perhaps if his name was spelled “Henny” like the drink, he’d be a better quarterback.

The third week of the NFL preseason is often considered a test run for Cheap Baseball Jerseys the regular season. This is the game where teams play most of their starters into the Cheap Bike Jerseys For Men third quarter, finalize their lineups, and work out any kinks before the real games start in two weeks.

We’ll keep track of the most significant signings here as they’re announced.

For a starting running back facing a matchup like this, Cook is incredibly cheap for Week 1 DFS contests. He averaged 4.6 yards per touch during the preseason, easily capturing the starting gig while Latavius Murray made a slow recovery from ankle surgery. He’ll now face a New Orleans run defense that ranked as one of the five worst in the NFL last season. — Tristan H. Cockcroft

The NFL season is nearly here, and with Week 1 NFL daily fantasy contests filling up, our experts have scouted out the players they’re locking into their lineups first. From the star performers to the top values, here are our expert picks for this week in DFS football.

With the league rule change this season eliminating the first round of cuts, there will be more players than ever available on waivers. Teams have until noon Sunday following the Week 4 preseason game to claim players for their active rosters before players can be signed to the practice squad. At 1 p.m. ET, each team can start signing up to 10 players to their practice squads.

The practice squad is a great way for young talent to continue developing before being thrust into the spotlight. They’ll have the same opportunities as the Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys active roster during the week, but don’t occupy space on the sideline on game days.

We’ll keep track of the most significant signings here as they’re announced.

“They’re not coming in here fighting. They’re learning the art, they’re Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal learning it as a craft, they’re learning it as a sport, and they’re learning how to apply it to their chosen fields,” Azim said.

FIBA made a shortsighted change that could doom global basketball

Two years ago, international basketball governing body FIBA switched up how nations reached the World Cup and Olympics. Instead of qualifying through summertime tournaments, there would be three soccer-style windows in November, February, and June/July for round-robin qualification games.

FIBA’s stated intent was to ensure basketball fans in every nation could see the best players the sport can offer close to home. Instead of being forced to travel to a central tournament to support their home nation, fans would get more frequent meaningful games in their own countries. High-level basketball would come to each nation involved.

An obvious problem from the jump is that the NBA is in session in November and February. Plus, the June/July window overlaps with free agency, a time when players chasing contracts are unlikely to risk injury in major competition. The NBA was never going to change its calendar for international qualifiers, and one assumes FIBA understood that.

But FIBA did hope the biggest, best non-NBA league in the world would alter Cheap Vintage Baseball Jerseys its schedule to accommodate the new system. Instead, EuroLeague, a 16-team European club competition that’s akin to soccer’s Champions League, expanded its competition. It just released Cheap Volleyball Jerseys For Girls the 2017-18 schedule, and there are no windows for international qualifiers.

Kevin Durant’s financial sacrifice reminds Steve Kerr of Tim Duncan

Kevin Durant took $10 million less than he could’ve on a two-year, $53 million deal this offseason to keep the Warriors together. That brought back memories of another future Hall of Fame player for Steve Kerr.

Kerr compared Durant’s willingness to take less money so the team could bring back role players to Tim Duncan’s propensity to do the same thing.

On my way to Blaze I had already decided I was not getting 16 freaking toppings on my pizza, but I’d still make the most of it. I went a little early to try and beat the lunch crowd and at 11:30 a.m. the line was literally already to the door. As I got closer to order, I could hear each guest being asked for their name and if they had been to Blaze before. Every single person said yes.

It was finally my turn to order and I elected to go with the “White Top” pizza. It’s a thin crust pizza with white cream sauce, mozzarella cheese, applewood bacon, chopped garlic, oregano, and arugula. Hello, my love. Most guests around me were building their own pizzas but I was sticking with one of the Signature Pizzas today.

As I was paying at the register I saw my pizza fly into the open-faced oven. It took about four minutes to make, which was a little longer than stated on their website, but it didn’t bother me. It was long enough for me to make the mango-strawberry agua fresca drink as recommended when you walked into the restaurant. I then spent the other three minutes trying to find the straws for said drink. That wasn’t a Mitchell And Ness Cheap Jerseys fault NHL Jerseys Wholesale of Blaze, I just couldn’t find the straws.

You know who wishes he had only a few million left on his salary this season?

This is not a team to tear down. Not yet. Davis and Trumbo are owed too much money to trade for value, and there’s no reason to trade players like Jonathan Schoop and Manny Machado just yet.

However, the one thing the Orioles seem to be excellent at is finding relievers. So I’m all for selling pieces of their bullpen if it brings back pitchers who could thrive in their 2017 and 2018 rotation. A three-way deal might make more sense instead of trying to match up with a contender that has starting pitchers to trade for relievers, although the Cardinals might fit that description.

You know who wishes he had only a few million left on his salary this season? Justin Verlander. Maybe not legitimately since he probably enjoys living the lifestyle that his massive salary provides. But every now and then he may think about the fact that he would have already been out of Detroit by now if he was a tad less of a burden on the bottom line. He’s got $56 million still owed to him after 2017, and every possible trade partner knows it.

However, his weighty contract combined with his down year on the mound means he would realistically clear waivers allowing an August deal to happen. Shipping him to a contender that is looking for an August rotation boost would be good for both Verlander (yay, a good team!) and the Tigers (for not having to pay him all that money).

With a few extra weeks to figure things out, there’s also a chance that Detroit could Cheap Team Baseball Jerseys negotiate an agreeable salary split with another team as it reportedly tried to do in Cheap Soccer Jerseys Size Xxl advance of the deadline, to no avail.

The Dodgers aren’t this good, of course.

Jeter, Jordan, and a whole bunch of other investors are the favorites to end up with the Marlins or, at least, to have Loria select them. New owners have to be approved by the rest of MLB, so it’s to be seen if the other owners agree with Loria’s decision. But if Jeter has the cash from investors, it’s hard to believe they’d reject the baseball legend.

Jordan, of course, is famous for the movie Space Jam, which detailed his transition from minor league baseball failure to savior of Earth against an alien invasion. Obviously, his experience on set playing baseball stuck with him, as he’s now using revenues from this important piece of cinema to help Jeter buy an actual baseball team.*

Jorge Mas is at the head of the third group, and there was a report on Monday that his bid was accepted but no decision has been made as of this writing. None of the three bidders reached the $1.3 billion mark Loria had been seeking, and Loria doesn’t necessarily have to pick the offer with the most money either. The expectation is that he’ll select the winning bid next week, so we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

The starting pitchers, as a unit, have recorded a 2.59 ERA and struck out nearly 10 batters per nine innings during these 35 games and 205 frames. Here’s a fun comparison: In 2012, Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw started 33 games, threw 227 innings, and recorded a 2.53 ERA with just over nine strikeouts per nine innings.

By the way, the Nationals, who have the second-best record in the NL, have outscored their opponents by 107 runs for the season.

The Dodgers aren’t this good, of course. If they were, they’d win 125 games, blowing away the record of 116 currently held by the 2001 Mariners and 1906 Cubs. You don’t Cheap Jerseys Basketball need to be this good in order to be the class of your league, however, so when the bats slow down Cheap Jerseys And Jordans a bit and the pitching starts to give up a few more runs, they’ll be a little more stoppable than they currently are. Whether that will be enough to actually stop them remains to be seen.

The Rays are bringing on the entirety of Duda’s salary, $2.5 million

Avila, 30, has hit .271/.392/.472 with 11 homers and 32 RBI in 76 games for Detroit after signing a one-year deal with the club over the winter. He is the son of general manager Al Avila, who had to make the difficult call to trade his own son as part of the Tigers’ rebuild.

Avila will provide a veteran presence behind Willson Contreras on the Cubs’ depth chart before becoming a free agent this winter. Chicago was also linked to New York’s Rene Rivera, Texas’ Jonathan Lucroy and Miami’s A.J. Ellis in recent weeks.

Candelario, 23, has appeared in 16 games for the Cubs over the last two years and ha the ability to play at both corner infield spots. He was an obvious candidate to be dealt due the fact he’s blocked by Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo in the majors, but is a strong offensive talent with the ability to hit for power.

The Rays are bringing on the entirety of Duda’s salary, $2.5 million, but that isn’t enough to get Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson to part ways with the Instagram account he runs: The coveted “We Follow Lucas Duda.” Granderson is probably his former locker-mate’s biggest fan, or at least the only fan with enough access to post photos of the first baseman doing various daily activities. The Rays’ Twitter account is doing its best to get a deal done, though, and Granderson is willing to trade before the deadline, even though Evan Longoria has declined to take over the duties the account requires.

It’s good for the league to have players involved in social media like this. It’s fun for the fan that doesn’t even require a tone deaf rule change.

Encouraging social media use can get dicey if your players are the ones with questionable Twitter favorites or controversial opinions. But the publicity and goodwill a well run Instagram account can Cheap Green Bay Packers Jerseys generate is well worth the price. I mean, when is a video of Cheap Hockey Jerseys a distraught Granderson being dragged across the floor as he grabs onto his teammate’s ankle not worth it?

Jason Kipnis eats corndogs with a knife and fork. Really.

By all accounts Jason Kipnis is a nice person who is good at playing the game of baseball. His offensive output is down slightly this season but he’s still hit eight homers and driven in 26 runs at the break and is a solid veteran leader for Cleveland.

However, the Marlins could see David Phelps sent to the Brewers, who are reportedly in on the veteran reliever. Phelps is putting up a 3.45 ERA with 51 strikeouts and 21 walks this year so is just what a variety of teams need for the second half of the season.

The Royals remain “aggressive” in their pursuit of starting pitchers before the deadline with Sonny Gray, Lance Lynn, and Julio Teheran in their sights as desired additions. With Nate Karns and Matt Strahm done for the season, Kansas City could really use the help in its push for a pennant this year. The Royals are also looking for someone who would stay with the team for multiple seasons while they do a semi-rebuild.

The Yankees have allegedly reached out to the Mets about Addison Reed and Lucas Duda. They probably won’t touch either now that they’ve sealed a 7-player megatrade with the White Sox, but an intra-city trade is always fun, right?

Owner Peter Angelos has officially given the Orioles front office permission to deal Zach Britton or Brad Brach to help the team rebuild, and they’ll explore the market to see what teams might have what they want to begin a partial rebuild.

Justin Verlander is owed about $70 million more through 2019, and is in the midst of a below-average season at age 34. Miguel Cabrera, also 34, is having the worst season of his career since his rookie campaign back in 2003. He’s owed just shy of $200 million more on a deal that will take him through age 40 and Design Cheap Jerseys the 2023 season. Jordan Zimmermann is in the second year of a $110 million contact, and the Create Cheap Jerseys follow-up attempt is going even worse than the disappointing first.

NBA All-Star Game Twitter sneaker intros set to ‘Full House’ theme

Often billed as a celebration of the league and its brightest stars, the NBA All-Star Game is more a weekend-long commercial than a competition.

Preceded by the Celebrity All-Star Game, Rising Stars and Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys Skills Challenges as well as the 3-point and Slam Dunk Contests, the annual exhibition is, if nothing else, a chance for the league’s 24 most noteworthy brand ambassadors to put their sponsors’ products on display.

Cousins felt like he deserved better than to find out this way, as he told ESPN’s The Undefeated after his debut with the Pelicans. He was asked, “What would have been the correct way Cheap China Jerseys for the Kings to tell you about the trade?”

His response: “Like a man. Like a professional. The more those guys talk, the more things come out. It’s just crazy. This ain’t something that happened in a few days. It has been discussed with more than one team. I just don’t understand.”

He admitted he was “hurt” by the decision, and doesn’t plan on speaking with co-owner Vivek Ranadivé or vice president Vlade Divac.

“For what? It was a coward move, so I’m pretty sure I will get a coward response,” Cousins said. “For what? And I’ve seen this happen before. I’ve been there through all same types … I was there with [coach] Mike Malone’s [firing]. I’ve seen how they operate. I know what kind of answer I will get anyway. So, what is the point?”