Don’t blame the Celtics for missing on Paul George

The Pacers traded Paul George to the Thunder, and everyone is wondering why Danny Ainge and the Celtics couldn’t seal the deal. This has been a recurring theme for Celtics over the past two seasons as Boston has risen from second-tier playoff squad to No. 1 seed. Yet, Ainge has hoarded a horde of premium draft picks and prospects and can’t seem to turn them into a true superstar on the market.

Below the surface, it’s clear that the Celtics’ failure to strike isn’t for lack of trying. ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reported that Ainge offered Indiana three non-premium picks, Jae Crowder, and another Celtics starter (presumed to be Avery Bradley) for George during the draft. Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald independently reported the same, and added that the Celtics made an even better offer at the February deadline: a 2017 pick swap that involved Brooklyn’s selection, which became No. 1 overall.

Larry Bird ran the Pacers in February. He should have taken that deal from the Celtics. Kevin Pritchard ran the Pacers on draft night. He should have taken the Celtics’ offer.

Ojeleye made five of his nine three-pointers on Saturday, including three triples on consecutive possessions in the fourth quarter. The Southern Methodist product coached by Larry Brown showed MLB Jerseys Cheap he has range out to the NBA three-point line and finished with 19 points on 6-of-13 shooting.

Kyle Kuzma’s length makes him a solid inside-out defender, but he was no match for this smooth move by Jayson Tatum, who spun-off his opponent before stepping back for Cheap Vintage Baseball Jerseys the fade-away shot off the left leg.

Kevin Durant’s financial sacrifice reminds Steve Kerr of Tim Duncan

Kevin Durant took $10 million less than he could’ve on a two-year, $53 million deal this offseason to keep the Warriors together. That brought back memories of another future Hall of Fame player for Steve Kerr.

Kerr compared Durant’s willingness to take less money so the team could bring back role players to Tim Duncan’s propensity to do the same thing.

On my way to Blaze I had already decided I was not getting 16 freaking toppings on my pizza, but I’d still make the most of it. I went a little early to try and beat the lunch crowd and at 11:30 a.m. the line was literally already to the door. As I got closer to order, I could hear each guest being asked for their name and if they had been to Blaze before. Every single person said yes.

It was finally my turn to order and I elected to go with the “White Top” pizza. It’s a thin crust pizza with white cream sauce, mozzarella cheese, applewood bacon, chopped garlic, oregano, and arugula. Hello, my love. Most guests around me were building their own pizzas but I was sticking with one of the Signature Pizzas today.

As I was paying at the register I saw my pizza fly into the open-faced oven. It took about four minutes to make, which was a little longer than stated on their website, but it didn’t bother me. It was long enough for me to make the mango-strawberry agua fresca drink as recommended when you walked into the restaurant. I then spent the other three minutes trying to find the straws for said drink. That wasn’t a Mitchell And Ness Cheap Jerseys fault NHL Jerseys Wholesale of Blaze, I just couldn’t find the straws.

Zach Randolph to sign 2-year, $24 million contract with Kings, per report

The Sacramento Kings are making moves to add veteran leadership to their young roster. They’ve agreed to a two-year, $24 million deal with former Grizzlies star Zach Randolph, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

The move reunites Randolph with Dave Joerger, his former coach in Memphis. It also comes on the heels of a three-year, $57 million arrangement with free-agent point guard George Hill. It also suggests the end of the beloved Grit ’N Grind era in Memphis, with Tony Allen also possibly on his way out as a free agent.

Things could change — maybe there’s a small chance Antetokounmpo demands a trade. But Milwaukee doesn’t have to do anything. He’s 22 years old and committed to the franchise right now.

Plus, what he said was reasonable. Players want to play on good teams where they have a chance to win — and they want to have fun doing it. If a player feels it’s time to move on because his team hasn’t improved, he has the absolute right to do that.

If Antetokounmpo believes he has a better opportunity elsewhere, he NFL Jerseys China should jump on it when the time comes. If he wants to stay in Milwaukee, he should do that. But it will be up to him to find the best situation — a silly tweet won’t determine that.

The Bucks are capped out this offseason and will have big decisions to make on younger players on their roster next season. But luckily for them, they’ve got plenty of time between now and when NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Antetokounmpo has to make a decision on his future.

You know who wishes he had only a few million left on his salary this season?

This is not a team to tear down. Not yet. Davis and Trumbo are owed too much money to trade for value, and there’s no reason to trade players like Jonathan Schoop and Manny Machado just yet.

However, the one thing the Orioles seem to be excellent at is finding relievers. So I’m all for selling pieces of their bullpen if it brings back pitchers who could thrive in their 2017 and 2018 rotation. A three-way deal might make more sense instead of trying to match up with a contender that has starting pitchers to trade for relievers, although the Cardinals might fit that description.

You know who wishes he had only a few million left on his salary this season? Justin Verlander. Maybe not legitimately since he probably enjoys living the lifestyle that his massive salary provides. But every now and then he may think about the fact that he would have already been out of Detroit by now if he was a tad less of a burden on the bottom line. He’s got $56 million still owed to him after 2017, and every possible trade partner knows it.

However, his weighty contract combined with his down year on the mound means he would realistically clear waivers allowing an August deal to happen. Shipping him to a contender that is looking for an August rotation boost would be good for both Verlander (yay, a good team!) and the Tigers (for not having to pay him all that money).

With a few extra weeks to figure things out, there’s also a chance that Detroit could Cheap Team Baseball Jerseys negotiate an agreeable salary split with another team as it reportedly tried to do in Cheap Soccer Jerseys Size Xxl advance of the deadline, to no avail.

The Dodgers aren’t this good, of course.

Jeter, Jordan, and a whole bunch of other investors are the favorites to end up with the Marlins or, at least, to have Loria select them. New owners have to be approved by the rest of MLB, so it’s to be seen if the other owners agree with Loria’s decision. But if Jeter has the cash from investors, it’s hard to believe they’d reject the baseball legend.

Jordan, of course, is famous for the movie Space Jam, which detailed his transition from minor league baseball failure to savior of Earth against an alien invasion. Obviously, his experience on set playing baseball stuck with him, as he’s now using revenues from this important piece of cinema to help Jeter buy an actual baseball team.*

Jorge Mas is at the head of the third group, and there was a report on Monday that his bid was accepted but no decision has been made as of this writing. None of the three bidders reached the $1.3 billion mark Loria had been seeking, and Loria doesn’t necessarily have to pick the offer with the most money either. The expectation is that he’ll select the winning bid next week, so we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

The starting pitchers, as a unit, have recorded a 2.59 ERA and struck out nearly 10 batters per nine innings during these 35 games and 205 frames. Here’s a fun comparison: In 2012, Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw started 33 games, threw 227 innings, and recorded a 2.53 ERA with just over nine strikeouts per nine innings.

By the way, the Nationals, who have the second-best record in the NL, have outscored their opponents by 107 runs for the season.

The Dodgers aren’t this good, of course. If they were, they’d win 125 games, blowing away the record of 116 currently held by the 2001 Mariners and 1906 Cubs. You don’t Cheap Jerseys Basketball need to be this good in order to be the class of your league, however, so when the bats slow down Cheap Jerseys And Jordans a bit and the pitching starts to give up a few more runs, they’ll be a little more stoppable than they currently are. Whether that will be enough to actually stop them remains to be seen.

the Yankees picked up relievers David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle to fortify a bullpen in need

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Earlier in July, the Yankees picked up relievers David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle to fortify a bullpen in need, and Todd Frazier to slot in at third base. They gave up Blake Rutherford, a preseason top-10 prospect, in this deal, but they got back Kahnle, who isn’t a free agent until 2021 and can help anchor their pen until then. They plugged holes with Garcia, Frazier, and Robertson, while adding pieces who can help them now and later to justify shipping off top prospects.

And while losing four of their preseason top-10 prospects in a month is no small thing, the Yankees managed to keep Clint Frazier. They’ve already seen Aaron Judge morph into a monster who devours big-league pitching. Gleyber Torres was destroying minor-league pitchers before Tommy John surgery ended his year. The influx of young Yankees is not over yet, and when they all get to the Bronx, they’re going to be joining what looks like an already successful team.

After years of growing support in the voting totals, Raines got in just under the gun, getting inducted in his last year on the ballot. He ranks fifth all-time with 808 stolen bases and won the NL batting title in 1986.

A few months into the season, though, and these three teams are separating Cheap International Soccer Jerseys themselves. Not only that, but it turns out that they were capable of surprising us. Sometimes for better. Sometimes for worse. Here’s a midseason check-in on the three (supposed) beasts of the Cheap Islanders Jerseys National League.

The Rays are bringing on the entirety of Duda’s salary, $2.5 million

Avila, 30, has hit .271/.392/.472 with 11 homers and 32 RBI in 76 games for Detroit after signing a one-year deal with the club over the winter. He is the son of general manager Al Avila, who had to make the difficult call to trade his own son as part of the Tigers’ rebuild.

Avila will provide a veteran presence behind Willson Contreras on the Cubs’ depth chart before becoming a free agent this winter. Chicago was also linked to New York’s Rene Rivera, Texas’ Jonathan Lucroy and Miami’s A.J. Ellis in recent weeks.

Candelario, 23, has appeared in 16 games for the Cubs over the last two years and ha the ability to play at both corner infield spots. He was an obvious candidate to be dealt due the fact he’s blocked by Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo in the majors, but is a strong offensive talent with the ability to hit for power.

The Rays are bringing on the entirety of Duda’s salary, $2.5 million, but that isn’t enough to get Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson to part ways with the Instagram account he runs: The coveted “We Follow Lucas Duda.” Granderson is probably his former locker-mate’s biggest fan, or at least the only fan with enough access to post photos of the first baseman doing various daily activities. The Rays’ Twitter account is doing its best to get a deal done, though, and Granderson is willing to trade before the deadline, even though Evan Longoria has declined to take over the duties the account requires.

It’s good for the league to have players involved in social media like this. It’s fun for the fan that doesn’t even require a tone deaf rule change.

Encouraging social media use can get dicey if your players are the ones with questionable Twitter favorites or controversial opinions. But the publicity and goodwill a well run Instagram account can Cheap Green Bay Packers Jerseys generate is well worth the price. I mean, when is a video of Cheap Hockey Jerseys a distraught Granderson being dragged across the floor as he grabs onto his teammate’s ankle not worth it?

Jason Kipnis eats corndogs with a knife and fork. Really.

By all accounts Jason Kipnis is a nice person who is good at playing the game of baseball. His offensive output is down slightly this season but he’s still hit eight homers and driven in 26 runs at the break and is a solid veteran leader for Cleveland.

However, the Marlins could see David Phelps sent to the Brewers, who are reportedly in on the veteran reliever. Phelps is putting up a 3.45 ERA with 51 strikeouts and 21 walks this year so is just what a variety of teams need for the second half of the season.

The Royals remain “aggressive” in their pursuit of starting pitchers before the deadline with Sonny Gray, Lance Lynn, and Julio Teheran in their sights as desired additions. With Nate Karns and Matt Strahm done for the season, Kansas City could really use the help in its push for a pennant this year. The Royals are also looking for someone who would stay with the team for multiple seasons while they do a semi-rebuild.

The Yankees have allegedly reached out to the Mets about Addison Reed and Lucas Duda. They probably won’t touch either now that they’ve sealed a 7-player megatrade with the White Sox, but an intra-city trade is always fun, right?

Owner Peter Angelos has officially given the Orioles front office permission to deal Zach Britton or Brad Brach to help the team rebuild, and they’ll explore the market to see what teams might have what they want to begin a partial rebuild.

Justin Verlander is owed about $70 million more through 2019, and is in the midst of a below-average season at age 34. Miguel Cabrera, also 34, is having the worst season of his career since his rookie campaign back in 2003. He’s owed just shy of $200 million more on a deal that will take him through age 40 and Design Cheap Jerseys the 2023 season. Jordan Zimmermann is in the second year of a $110 million contact, and the Create Cheap Jerseys follow-up attempt is going even worse than the disappointing first.

Warriors win 12th straight, set NBA mark for prosperity in the process

The Warriors seemed to be adrift a few weeks ago, with Kevin Durant injured and Stephen Curry struggling.

But the Warriors have their mojo back. Golden State easily dispatched the Timberwolves 121-107 at home Tuesday night for a 12th consecutive victory. In the process, the Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys Warriors (64-14) set an NBA record for the most wins of any team in a three-year span (203), breaking a Blue Jays Cheap Jerseys tie with the Bulls during Michael Jordan’s reign.

Just a few weeks ago, many dismissed the Warriors as an inferior version of the team that won an NBA championship (2015) and seemed to have the NBA Finals in hand last year with a 3-1 lead before losing to the Cavaliers.

But even with Durant still sidelined, this is a formidable team. In fact, ESPN reported that, entering Tuesday’s game, the Warriors’ offensive efficiency a measure statisticians use to break down a team’s scoring punch ranked at 113.2, the highest of any team in the past 30 years, if the season ended now.

“After sitting down with my mom and the coaching staff, I’ve made the decision to enter the NBA draft,” Fultz said in a video posted from his Twitter account. “Although the season hasn’t gone as planned, it’s really, truly been a blessing to be here, and I learned plenty of life lessons on and off the court, especially from coach (Lorenzo Romar) and his coaching staff. I’m always going to be a Husky for life. Go Dawgs.”

Thabo Sefolosha reportedly settles lawsuit against NYC police officers for $4 million

Hawks forward Thabo Sefolosha has reached a $4 million settlement of his lawsuit against five New York City police officers that claimed false arrest, excessive force, malicious prosecution and false imprisonment, reports.

Sefolosha was seeking $50 million, the maximum compensation for Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys material and punitive damages, notes TMZ Sports, the first media outlet to report a settlement had been reached.

During his arrest on April 8, 2015, outside the 1 Oak nightclub in Manhattan, Sefolosha suffered a broken fibula and ligament damage, causing him to miss the rest of the regular season and the playoffs. Despite Sefolosha’s absence, the Hawks advanced to the Eastern Conference finals, where they were swept by the Cavaliers.

Pero Antic, who at the time was Sefolosha’s teammate, was also arrested Basketball Jerseys during the incident, as police said the two were interfering with a crime scene where then-Pacer Chris Copeland had been stabbed. Sefolosha was charged with obstructing justice, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

“It’s changed now. A lot of people understand what an MVP means. They understand basketball better than they did years ago.”

Westbrook is averaging 31.8 points, 10.6 rebounds and 10.4 assists per game this season. He is on track to join Robertson as the only players in NBA history to have averaged a triple-double for a season.