The Dodgers aren’t this good, of course.

Jeter, Jordan, and a whole bunch of other investors are the favorites to end up with the Marlins or, at least, to have Loria select them. New owners have to be approved by the rest of MLB, so it’s to be seen if the other owners agree with Loria’s decision. But if Jeter has the cash from investors, it’s hard to believe they’d reject the baseball legend.

Jordan, of course, is famous for the movie Space Jam, which detailed his transition from minor league baseball failure to savior of Earth against an alien invasion. Obviously, his experience on set playing baseball stuck with him, as he’s now using revenues from this important piece of cinema to help Jeter buy an actual baseball team.*

Jorge Mas is at the head of the third group, and there was a report on Monday that his bid was accepted but no decision has been made as of this writing. None of the three bidders reached the $1.3 billion mark Loria had been seeking, and Loria doesn’t necessarily have to pick the offer with the most money either. The expectation is that he’ll select the winning bid next week, so we won’t have to wait much longer to find out.

The starting pitchers, as a unit, have recorded a 2.59 ERA and struck out nearly 10 batters per nine innings during these 35 games and 205 frames. Here’s a fun comparison: In 2012, Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw started 33 games, threw 227 innings, and recorded a 2.53 ERA with just over nine strikeouts per nine innings.

By the way, the Nationals, who have the second-best record in the NL, have outscored their opponents by 107 runs for the season.

The Dodgers aren’t this good, of course. If they were, they’d win 125 games, blowing away the record of 116 currently held by the 2001 Mariners and 1906 Cubs. You don’t Cheap Jerseys Basketball need to be this good in order to be the class of your league, however, so when the bats slow down Cheap Jerseys And Jordans a bit and the pitching starts to give up a few more runs, they’ll be a little more stoppable than they currently are. Whether that will be enough to actually stop them remains to be seen.

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