Titans see Derrick Henry, Dion Lewis as 1A and 1B in backfield

The Titans brought in a new offensive coaching staff this season and there’s been a lot of speculation about what the change to offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur and company will mean for quarterback Marcus Mariota‘s development.

I eat like 10 meals a day now, and like seven different shakes throughout the day, Spence said, via quotes distributed by the team. . . . I’m feeling a lot better.

Spence also has a weight off his shoulder. Literally.

James could be packing up and leaving his native northeast Ohio once again. He has taken Cleveland to the NBA Finals now five times, and this now looks certain to be his fourth loss in those. He was 2-2 in four trips to the NBA Finals with Miami.

A bounce here, a couple stops there, the Cavs could be leading in these finals and the conversation would be different.

Instead, Cleveland is only left to wonder if James is a game from leaving. But he’s not going anywhere, even mentally, until this series is over.

For me, tonight will be tough, James said. Tomorrow I’ll replay some plays and some moments, things of that nature. I’ll wake up Friday morning, I’ll be locked in on the game plan and what needs to be done to help our team win. That’s who I am.

Roh was signed out of Boise State in May. He had 117 catches for 1,288 yards and 12 touchdowns in college.

While the team also expects him back in 2018, they’re going Cheap Gaelic Jerseys to take a hard Cheap Epl Jerseys look at the upcoming quarterbacks in college:

Luck is participating in the team’s first preseason practices, but there don’t seem to be any plans to have him throw anytime soon.

A week after new Colts coach Frank Reich told reporters Luck was getting real close” to being ready to throw a football again, it finally happened at one of the team’s last OTAs of the year.

The moment was downplayed by the Colts who tweeted the video with the caption Another step closer.” The ball was a lighter, smaller football, although Luck told reporters after that he has thrown an NFL ball in recent weeks.

Jets’ Kelvin Beachum got his master’s degree instead of blowing off senior year

Jets offensive tackle Kelvin Beachum had a wise attitude toward being a college football player: You’re getting your education paid for, so you might as well make the most of it.

Beachum said on NFL Network that he redshirted as a freshman at SMU and got his bachelor’s degree having just finished his junior football season, meaning he still had three semesters on campus before he would begin his NFL career. And he decided to make the most of those last three semesters by taking classes so hard that the dean initially felt it wouldn’t be possible to do the coursework with a football player’s schedule.

So now the question is, will Anderson have to pay the price for a ballclub going nowhere fast ?

Yes, he cannot be blamed for the injuries, with Yoenis Cespedes, Juan Lagares, Noah Syndergaard, Todd Frazier, AJ Ramos, Jacob deGrom, Kevin Plawecki, Travis d’Arnaud, Michael Conforto, David Wright, Jason Vargas and Anthony Swarzak all seeing time on the disabled list this season.

Yes, he cannot be blamed for the failure of Matt Harvey to recapture his form as the Dark Knight (in fact, Alderson should be credited with getting Devin Mesoraco in exchange for a damaged Harvey ).

Pagano has no doubt that Luck will do everything in his power to recover from last year’s shoulder injury.

Him not being able to play killed him. When you can’t be there for your teammates and you’re recovering and rehabbing, it kills you. Last year, it killed him, he said. The great competitors want to be out there. This cat, he’s dying to get back on the football field.

Unfortunately for Pagano, that great competitor will get back on the football field for a new head coach.

With the 61st overall selection, the Yankees chose Josh Breaux, 20, out of Cheap DUKe Basketball Jerseys McLennan Community College.

Nabbing catchers in the first two rounds wasn’t the Yankees’ plan, Oppenheimer Cheap Discount Jerseys said. It just worked out that way.

The Yankees had an organizational need for catching depth.

Hall of Fame disappointed by unprecedented decision from Terrell Owens

Terrell Owens often didn’t do things by the book during his playing career, and that isn’t changing now that he’s retired and heading for the Hall of Fame.

Owens has not said what he will do on the date of the enshrinement ceremony. It’s unclear whether he’ll stay away quietly, or host his own event.

Ebron said on NFL Network that he is telling Luck as many jokes as I can Baseball Jerseys Wholesale just to stay relevant in his mind, because right now, obviously, he’s not throwing as he continues the extended comeback process from right shoulder woes. Keeping it light is part of Ebron’s plan with his head coach too and he expects that will lead to a role in Frank Reich’s offense that’s similar to the one Zach Ertz plays for the Eagles.

Frank is great, man, Ebron said, via the team’s website. Frank, really — I think Frank comes to me and looks for a laugh, because things could be difficult for Frank. You know, it’s a new transition for him and he’s trying to get a whole organization off the ground from where they were last year. And he brought me in to also help him with that process. So me and Frank, we click, man, and he’s done great things with tight ends — as you look at Zach Ertz in his offense last year — he’s done great things, and I think he brought me in here to be that morale [guy], to be that effective player for him.

So who is Redditlover1981 and how did he know about this story that was about to become national news? We have no idea, but one guess is that it could be an ESPN employee who was in a position to know that ESPN was working on the story. Redditlover1981 has previously taken up for ESPN’s coverage of the Patriots, defending the ESPN article about dissent within the team that had Patriots fans so angry. So it appears to be someone who knows what ESPN’s reporters are working on, and someone who would rather Best Place To Buy Cheap Jerseys defend ESPN than criticize it, even in Reddit’s Patriots section, where defending ESPN doesn’t make you popular.

The problem a few years ago was that too many innings were being shifted from good pitchers to fringe pitchers.

For me, and I don’t know all the numbers, if you look at the past six to eight years, there aren’t many teams that make the playoffs that don’t have at least 900 innings from their starting staff, Shields said. At the end of the day, it’s a long season. You have to save your bullpen as much as you possibly can. It’s our job as starters to save the bullpen. The starters that are coming up, they still have to have that mentality.

Top starters were getting plenty of work, but fringe starters were getting innings that now might go to a competent long reliever. As for leveraging relief innings — forget about it. Teams have gotten much smarter on that front.

Vinnie Iyer: Beckham. Leonard already won a championship with the Spurs as NBA Finals MVP in 2014. He has been a critical part of a winning team and it will be hard to find a fit that sets up as nicely. Beckham carries a big chip on his shoulder and it would get bigger with a lot more to prove should he go to a second team.

We call ourselves the Golden Misfits for a reason, winger Ryan Reaves said prior to the Stanley Cup Final series against Washington. We’ve proven everyone else wrong all season.

Vegas entered the Final as favorites over the Capitals, who broke into the league in 1974 and are still in search of their first championship. The Golden Knights won the opener, but after dropping two in a row they find themselves playing a familiar role as they prepare for Game 4 on Monday night.

Ranking Devils top prospects

We’re still underdogs, left wing David Perron said. They’re a great team Cheap Basketball Jerseys over there. Now the pressure is on them to keep going. We’re going to find a way to answer.

Adam Gase knew that the offseason plans he and rest of the Dolphins brass were putting in place would shake things up in the building. So he wanted to make sure, first, that the plans wouldn’t mess too much with his rehabbing quarterback. Just before the Senior Bowl in January, the Miami coach sat down with Ryan Tannehill and explained how in the months ahead, no matter the final result, it may Cheap Authentic NBA Jerseys look an awful lot like Miami was gearing up to replace him.